The Virtues of VoiceThread

The Virtues of VoiceThread

VoiceThread is an engaging tool that would be beneficial to a classroom in a variety of ways.  It is a tool that allows conversations to take place, based upon media that can hold a physical discussion on just one page of the program.  

This collaborative learning tool allows users to comment on others work through a variety of mediums including telephone, webcam, microphone, text and file uploads. It provides users with the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and express their personal opinions within their own safety and comfort zones.
Brenda Dyck of Education World (2007) suggests that teachers and students are using VoiceThread as a storytelling tool, a deep thinking tool, a research tool, a communication tool, and an assessment tool. Brady (2006) suggests that a collaborative theory of learning, such as this, involves learners learning through interaction with other learners through scaffolding provided by the teacher in an atmosphere of caring, collaboration and dialogue in which learners are encouraged to inquire, challenge, express feelings and opinions and reflect on their work. The VoiceThread file that i have created includes the use of 'text' media to promote warm and cool feedback to a students travel brochure. 

By providing students with this method of reflection the learning manager is catering for the needs of todays students. Jukes and Dosaj ( 2006) refer to modern day students as 'screenagers'. They suggest that their assumptions with images on a screen are that they are to be manipulated and interacted with, not just used for passive consumption. VoiceThread, in my personal opinion is a wonderful tool to incorporate into the learning environment, that caters for all of these needs.

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  1. Hi Kerri,
    I really liked this program and found it very easy to use. The fact that it allows users to collaborate around a particular topic and add their comments or findings in a number of ways eg audio, textual, and video means it can cater for a number of learning styles also. I certainly need to explore it in more detail (as with all the other tools we have been using) to fully utilise this program within the classroom.