Copyright catastrophe

After todays tutorial with Linda and Jacqui, i thought i had better quick smart come and remove my groovy little Ipod. I must admit it was hard to hit that delete button, but i felt as if it had to be done. I had not considered the degree of complexity involved with copyright laws in the school environment and i have learnt some extremely vital information.

However, i really liked the visual look of my Ipod, so my mind began to tinker. I considered the alternatives and possibilities of what i could do to negotiate these copyright regulations. I finally reached the conclusion that if i were to change the music to appropriate 'educational' content that i could use in my classroom, and for university purposes, there would be no implications. 

During my 'tinkering' i recalled information i read while creating my Flickr account, about a copyright license from 'Creative Commons'. Creative commons is a shared culture that preserves identity. It gives people the right to exercise their own copyright prohibitions while providing a connection for users all over the world. Have a look at what creative commons have to say.

I believe that his gadget would be a fantastic engagement tool to use in the classroom in any year group. Mark Prensky (2005) acknowledges the fact that students do not have short attention spans when it comes to games, music, movies and internet surfing. Therefore, by introducing this Ipod and music into our lessons, our opportunities to 'engage' our students rather than 'enrage' are dramatically increased.

Until next time,

Prensky, M. (2005). Engage Me or Enrage Me - What today's learners demand. Retrieved July 29, from,


  1. Hey Kerri, I felt the same way when I came home. I think I might be going to jail tomorrow for the amount of stuff I have used over the years. I to have gone back in and changed some of the photos that I have used. Have a great weekend, see you next week. Blog looks great.
    Cheers Rhonda

  2. Hello Kerri, I also found it hard to delete my Ipod. But I would prefer to remove it off my page then break any copyright laws.