The 'Cons' of Technology.

The 'Cons' of Technology.

Hello once again. Right at this moment my mind is not in a state to function properly. I have just left my daughter at school, in an inconsolable state, in the caring hands of the school chaplains. Yesterday evening two of the most beautiful people i know on this earth were tragically taken from us. The couple were an inspiration to so many on the Sunshine Coast and i know that many Noose campus students will be affected  by this loss. 

You may be wondering why is this relevant to e-Learning? The women/wife/mother/role model/confidant/teacher/mentor involved in the accident has been my 14 year old daughters ballet teacher, and inspiration, for quite some time now. At 6pm last night, Jess, being the digital native that she is, was on facebook on her iPod touch. All of a sudden she looked at me in a state of shock and said mum read this, it cannot be true. Just moments before, the phone rang and i decided to let it ring out as i would return the call in just a few minutes. If only i had of answered i could have broke the news to her in a much more compassionate way! This form of technology, was used to deliver the news to thousands of children across the coast that this couple had just passed away in a car accident. I was completely mortified that this was delivered by this small piece of equipment.

This just reassured me of the enormous differences between digital immigrants and digital natives. I would not for one moment think to inform someone of this tragedy through these means. However todays youth see this method of communication as second nature, it is the world that they live in. 

I don't know about you, maybe i am just old fashioned, but i feel that sometimes technology should take a stand still and return to more personal forms of communication.



  1. Hi Kerri,

    I am sorry to hear that, you are right, in those situations it is definitely a con. It really somes down to an individuals decision to post something like that, it's a shame these days that that is the first way you about a tradgedy.


  2. Hi Kerri, I am so sorry for your families loss and it is terrifying to think that technology is truelly embedded into our everyday lives whether we like it or not.
    My thoughts are with you in this sad time.

  3. I agree totally Kerri, I am saddened that this is the way the world has come to today with all the technology, surely there must be a way to keep these digital natives up to date with etiquette as well, or is just manners!. Facebook is not the way to go to broadcast a tragedy, but I guess someone thought it was the fastest way to get the news out in our digital technological world. My thoughts and prayers are with you and my other friends, I too knew Mr T not very well, but enough to envy the rapport he had with kids and the passion he showed with his involvement with them and it was reciprocated back to him. He was a great man.