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I am sure we have all experienced a time of frustration when attempting to send rather large files, as an email attachment, to a group of people. This is usually a  slow and tedious process. I personally, am so grateful to my new found knowledge of a program that will ease this burden along with provide many other useful benefits.

MediaFire (2009) is a simple web host that allows users to upload, organise and share files and images. The program provides opportunity to have files hidden as private and only accessed via a secure password, or downloadable as public to share with friends and other MediaFire users. These files can then be shared via alternate program such as email, Instant Messenger, blogs and MySpace. 

File storage systems such as this alleviate the unnecessary concern of losing important information due to computer problems. Not only is it a useful backup tool it is user friendly, quick and efficient and has the added bonus of being free. By creating a free account with MediaFire you will have the opportunity to access all of your files at any time from any computer.  

MediaFire provides the opportunity for learning to be structured regardless of location. Learning managers have the ability to upload specific content that needs to be addressed both in the school environment and at home. Gone are the days where students enjoy taking home 'paper' tasks. Jukes and Dosaj (2006) suggest that todays students crave access to tools that allow them to network and interact. They expect, want and need access to tools that provide hyperlinks and online information. Multitasking is the modern day students middle name. 

Once again, my main area of concern when incorporating such programs into classroom routine, is student safety. While exploring MediaFire and creating my account i had numerous "congratulations you are the 999,999th visitor" popups appear. The advertisements also leave a lot to be desired and i would not like my students subjected to many of them. With this in mind, i believe that the likes of Mahahra could be a much more suitable program to use for classroom purposes. 

The following link will direct you to a file on my personal MediaFire account. I have uploaded a file that will provide you with some fun and entertaining (educational of course) games to play in the classroom. 

Until next time,

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  1. Hi Kerri,
    I have just set up my MediaFire account and have to say that I totally agree with your comments about student safety when using sites like these. (I had a big pair of knockers staring straight at me!) Anyway I checked out the file you uploaded and I particularly liked the 'Whozit? Whatzit?' game. I am always looking for five minute fillers and this is one I will be adding to my collection. I wish you luck for the rest of your posts however somehow I don't think you need it.
    Talk again soon.