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Have you ever felt like you are left behind, towing the line or need that extra little pull along? Up until a couple of weeks ago this was exactly what i was thinking and how i was feeling. However, I find myself continually blown away by the progression i have made, in just a couple of short weeks of being enrolled in this course.
One of the new and exciting tools i have learnt about, that will contribute to an easier and more effective teaching regime, is a Wiki. A Wiki is a fantastic tool that allows many people to participate in collaborative on line communication. Once the owner has published his or her Wiki it provides opportunity for others to directly add, remove or edit the content. This method of communication allows ideas to be generated and consolidated into a useful portal for learning. I believe that one of the great advantages,is that a Wiki has the ability to eliminate many hours of wasted back and forth emailing time. This would prove to have many advantages both at home and in the school environment.

There are endless possibilities of different ways to incorporate Wiki's into the classroom. Following Kearsley and Shneidermans (1999) Relate-Create-Donate concept, in order to create imaginative and meaningful tasks to be completed on a Wiki, can engage students in their learning and also allow for intrinsic motivation. Wiki's also provide opportunity for students to demonstrate both high student responsibility and higher order thinking within their tasks. 

I have worked in collaboration with my fellow colleagues, Kellie and Nari, to create three Wiki's that will endeavor to strengthen the repertoires of all future learning managers. The main objective of the Wiki i have created is to provide a list of activities and games that can be used as '5 minute fillers' in a classroom environment.  Kellie's Wiki provides the beginnings to an informative list of attention getting strategies, while Nari's Wiki aims to provide a list of transitioning activities. 

1. Five minute fillers (http://technological-competence.wikispaces.com/)
2. Attention getting techniques 
3. Transitioning activities (http://nariswiki.wikispaces.com/)

I believe, that if together, these Wiki's can provide just one or two ideas for just one or two future learning managers it will have proved to be worthy of our time. Have a look and please feel free to add any suggestions, games and activities.  

Until next time,

Kearsley, G., Shneiderman, B., (1999). 
Engagement Theory: A framework for technology-based teaching and learning. Retrieved July 18, 2009, from


  1. Hi Kerri,

    Wikis are such a great tool for students to upload and edit content of their classroom work. The only problem I have with this technology is ensuring that students remain safe online. Anyway, a small negative for a huge postive learning experience for students.

    I really like that idea with you, Kellie and Nari creating wikis that provide a variety of ideas for classroom teachers anywhere!

    Well Done!


  2. Dear Kerri

    Love your idea of 'five minute fillers'. I'm only a first year student and in the few weeks I have been on 'prac' learning placement, I can see the definite need for the five minute fillers for the students who finish a task early and need topic interaction and skill honing that will not have leave the rest of the learners behind. Also for the students' benefit if the usual teacher is away.

    What a great idea.

    The only problem is - most classes don't have immediate access to computers unless it is a designated learning experience related to the topic/IT lesson, and my placement has been at a very computer organised private school! Public schools here in CQ are still very much in chalk and talk mode, and interestingly I have found at the school of my current placement, this is when they get down and do their work diligently.

    I am pondering on behavioural compliance grooming and learning expectations here (secondary school).

    I was also intrigued with a survey handout I organised of the lack of computer skill confidence these kids expressed clearly. One even stated emphatically that she was concerned for her future in her ability to find employment once she left school with her lack of computer confidence/skills. This comes from a student within a school that has full internet access (though screened of course), not just intranet access. The screening only covered certain words, otherwise they have full access to the internet. It was enlightening.



  3. Hello Melissa and Kerry,

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Melissa i totally agree with you about online safety, as this is of the utmost importance. Kerry, i admire your desire to teach secondary school, as I look at my own children and think, wow, they certainly would be a handful (even though they are extremely good children).

    I have been a little on the 'slack side' and not made a posting to my own Wiki yet, however they are designed to be personal, not computer related, activities to use in the classroom. I honestly had not considered secondary activities so this opens up a whole new world. I will put the thinking cap on and see what i can come up with.

    Kerry, your handout results reaffirm the importance of engaging our students with technology and multimedia. In this ever changing digital world, we as learning managers, must be sure to provide our students with up to date resources that keep them one step ahead.

    Look forward to our next chat,
    Kerri : )