Well here goes...

As i embark on this learning journey i am filled with the most intense fright, yet an abundance of excitement. Nearly 20 years had passed, since my previous studies, when i commenced the Bachelor of Learning Management in 2008. That was a big enough hurdle on its own and yet now there is this....FAHE11001 Managing E-Learning! 

Up until now the extent of my computer knowledge has been using Word, creating assignments, sending emails and uploading photos from my camera. I often watch my 3 children as they confidently explore the phenomenal wonders of the World Wide Web and i think to myself "oh to be born in this amazing technology era". However, my father continues to tell me, 'you are never too old'. I will stick to his motto until i have achieved the technological competence and creativity that is required to provide a platform for my future students as they enter the rapidly changing world of TECHNOLOGY. 

Until next time, 


  1. Hi Kerri,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogs! I am sure you will pick up most of the technology in no time, and as your father continues to tell you, you really are never too old! My mother is just starting to get into the internet as well and is loving it.

    Bye for now,

  2. Like Natalie wrote, you'll pick it up in no time at all. Just think of your kids as personal tutors ;)

    Here is a wow fact for you. My uncle is an avid internet user, he is 81 years of age and is even on facebook. Now he is someone to look up to!

  3. Hey Kez!
    Just imagine what your grand kids technology knowledge will be! Who knows? But the scarier part is that we will be teaching them.......

  4. Hi Kerri,

    Your blog does not at all reflect your lack of confidence with technology. Nice page!

    See .... nothing to fear but fear itself (Corny but true).

    I think this 'fear' factor is also evident in your photo paragliding over Queenstown. Go girl!

  5. If you get stuck with anything, I'm happy to help. Better yet, post your question on the course forums! There are heaps of people ready to help you out there!

  6. Kerri - I'm with you! I'm constantly amazed at everything new. Just as I get a handle on one thing, along comes another. As far as using it all - one step at a time. I'm feeling like "The Little Engine That Could" - I think I can. However, having just created a blog, I may change my mantra to "I know I can".